What a Monday!

This week has started out on a positive note for Doug Lafuze Photography! I met Monday morning with the manager of a local business who is looking to change their artwork, and after viewing a collection of my photographs, they have agreed to use my work to decorate their establishment! This is a huge opportunity to get my name and pictures out there into the public and when completed, this could be a very large order! I am excited!

They did request I try and capture a few more images of local landmarks before they decide which pictures to buy. This is an easy request to fulfill so I see no problems there, as long as the weather cooperates. While this run of sunny warm days feel great to someone tired of winter, they aren’t the best for the kind of pictures I’m trying to capture.

I did manage to knock off two of their requested locations last evening. I haven’t had a chance to download the images to the computer yet, but they look great on the camera. At the time, there were dark clouds moving in and partially blocking the setting sun which really added to the intensity of the picture. I can’t wait to edit them.

I had an amusing as well as frustrating thing happen at the second location. It happened at one of our towns small parks. The park is square shaped and takes up an entire city block. Twin concrete pillars sit in each of the four corners of the park. Sidewalks cut between each of the pillars and run across the park, forming a large X, with a fountain at the center. I had my camera and tripod set up in the street so I could take a shot of the fountain from between one set of pillars. There was a couple approaching me from my left via the sidewalk which paralleled the street. I assumed they would allow me to take my picture before they walked on by so I didn’t pay much attention to them.

I had the shot all lined up, everything looked to be in focus, I was about to push the button, and to my disbelief, this squirrel ran right into the middle of the picture, stops and stands up like he’s posing to have his picture taken! I couldn’t believe my luck, this was going to be an adorable picture.


The couple walked right in front of my camera and scared the squirrel off! I couldn’t believe they did that to me. Most people would have stopped and waited but not those two. Oh well, I got some great shots of the fountain with the trees, nice houses and dark clouds in the background. That squirrel was so cute though…

I hope you all have a great week. I expect to be making some changes to this blog as things are changing with my photography so stay tuned.

Doug 😁😁

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