About Me

My love for photography began when I was young, after my grandma gave me her old Kodak 110 camera. It was one of those long, skinny cameras which held the replaceable cube shaped flash on top and had a silver body with black ends. I went through roll after roll of film with that camera, learning the importance of squeezing the button, not pushing it, lining up shots, and I learned how much I loved talking pictures.

From there I graduated to dad’s old Argus 35mm, but he was super protective of his old piece of history, so it wasn’t long after I started taking pictures with it that my grandparents bought me a new Pentax A2000. It came with a 35-70mm lens and a detachable flash. I soon coaxed them into buying me an 80-200mm lens as well. I was undeniably hooked on photography from that moment on. The telephoto lens opened up a whole new world for me and I was soon spending hours walking dad’s farm looking for things to take pictures of. I took photography in 4-H and attended workshops, soaking up the information given by the experienced photographers putting them on. My first several years I saw several red ribbons, but by the time I finished my 4-H career I was receiving purple ribbons.

It only seemed natural to take photojournalism when it was offered my junior and senior years in high school. There I was introduced to black and white photography, developing film, and printing my own pictures. A trip to the photography store my senior year saw me do something very out of character. I normally don’t buy anything without thinking about it and seriously scrutinizing the purchase for days, if not weeks. On that day I went in to pick up photo paper for the school’s dark room, and walked out with a brand new Nikon N2020 complete with 50mm lens and detachable flash. I felt like I was big time after that. My pictures for the year book improved and I saw big improvements in my everyday shots. I even sold a picture to be in a Farm and Ranch pig calendar soon after graduation. I joked I was no longer an amateur after that. 😁

After the birth of my son, I took tons of pictures of him, but by the time my daughter came along, bills, jobs, and other responsibilities had the Nikon and Pentax collecting dust. I don’t have nearly as many pictures of my daughter, and most of what I did take never were developed. The rolls are still sitting there waiting to be developed, she’s sixteen now. *sigh*

After my son’s junior year of high school, I had a better job, was preparing for a divorce, and the thought of paying someone to take his senior pictures bothered me, so I bought a Nikon D3200 and entered the digital age. His pictures turned out pretty good. I know a professional would’ve done better, but he was satisfied with them (so he tells dear old dad) and I had a new toy to play with. Jumping into the digital world has been a shock to the system, but I’m learning slowly. I purchased Photoshop Lightroom to edit his senior pictures and even now, a year later, I’m still trying to learn all I can do with it. My skills with the camera and Photoshop are slowly improving and I’m beginning to get some of my “feel” for what makes a good picture back. I’m starting this blog to share my progress, and hopefully visit with other photographers to get feedback and learn more. I still really love photography and I can’t get enough of it. I prefer nature and stationary objects, but I’ll take pictures of anything, so you never know what will show up on here. I hope you enjoy my work, feel free to offer suggestions and critique whenever you feel the urge.



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